In The Heart of Carlsbad

Located in Carlsbad’s historical landmark Schutte Residence, we are dedicated to serving the community and bridging the gap between traditional and modern.

This location has closed as of 10/12/19. We apologize for any inconvenience.


“The Land & Water Company’s location north of San Diego, perched on the Pacific coast, is central to chef Ruiz’s approach. It is a refined restaurant that sources only local and sustainable seafood to create artful Japanese sushi and sashimi, as well as a range of New American dishes inspired by the restaurant’s own heirloom garden and nearby farms.” - Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery




“A native San Diegan, Ruiz created an edible rice paper QR code to track a fish’s sustainability, an initiative aimed at making the seafood industry more transparent, traceable, and reputable; he has an Ocean Award from the Blue Marine Foundation, and recently added the title of James Beard Smart Catch Leader to his sustainability street cred. He’s a “boots on the ground” collaborator with scientists from Scripps and NOAA, and runs a zero-waste kitchen at Land and Water Company with meticulous devotion.”- Ann Wycoff



A North County native, Kuschel has been honing his culinary techniques in North County San Diego for the last decade. He prides himself on working with all organic produce and sustainable meat and fish. Kuschel has been a member of the Land & Water Co. team for 4 years, and risen to the challenge of running a no-waste kitchen with a compost program. Kuschel develops creative dishes that are flavor forward, hearty, and sure to induce well-being. “As far as my view on food, Escoffier said it best, 'Make it simply.' ” -Jeromy Kuschel


We are committed to serving the very best from the land and water.

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